Base Camp. Two little syllables that conjure up dreams as immense and powerful as the Himalayan Mountains themselves. This 15-day trekking tour is your chance to make these dreams come true, to challenge yourself and discover both the majesty of the mountains and your own potential. Walk among giants of nature and revel in the sense of freedom that comes from leaving Wi-Fi and Netflix behind for card games in tiny tea houses, learning about Sherpa life and watching the sunrise over Everest. Plus, our commitment to the rights and fair treatment of porters and trekking guides means you can rest assured knowing you’re doing the trek of a lifetime the ethical way.

TREK STYLE: This is a STRENUOUS trek. Recent hiking and/or backpacking experience is highly recommended. You will need to prepare for a cardio workout and consult with your doctor before joining the trip given the high altitude reaching up to almost 6000 meters / 20,000 feet. However, this is a supported trek; hence, you only carry a daypack with your essentials (porters are hired to carry your belongings). You will be staying in teahouses each night.

Adventure Highlights

Wildlife International Cold Temperatures Bouldering/​Rappeling High Altitudes Steep Hikes